Of course I will invite Shah Rukh to Bigg Boss 7 – Salman Khan

There is no escaping for Salman from his ex-bête noire Shah Rukh Khan. Ever since they hugged each other at Baba Siddique’s iftaar party, both superstars have been hounded with questions pertaining to their newly-discovered camaraderie. With Shah Rukh coming clean on his version of what he thought about the hug, Salman was the only one left who had been evading the media. Yesterday night, we finally caught up with the macho superstar at the press conference of Bigg Boss 7. And at the first available moment, We fired the opening salvo at Salman and asked him if he would invite Shah Rukh to Big Boss.

“Of course I will invite him,” roared Salman without the slightest of hesitation. “He can come and promote his next film and he is welcome to do that.”

Salman also went on to clear all airs regarding their big public patch-up at the iftaar party. “It was the holy month of Ramadan and if I had not shown that gesture then what’s the use of me being human. If we want to beat each other, we would do so with our work,” said Salman immediately eliciting a rapturous applause from the assembled audience.

Earlier in the evening, the grand launch ceremony of Bigg Boss 7 saw Salman Khan getting groovy and shaking a leg to the popular tunes of Dabangg. Dressed nattily in black, the indefatigable Salman held complete sway over the proceedings. He entertained and even played a few fun-games with the assembled media much to their delight. Salman, known for his famous run-ins with the media in the past, even playfully teased emcee Gaurav Kapur for calling media as ‘friends.” ‘Media wallon ko aap dost bulate ho?’(You call the media people as your friends?)

Talking about Bigg Boss 7, Salman said “Bigg Boss is quite like any other TV serial. The only difference is that they don’t have mum, dad, granny and grandpa in it. In the house, all members become one unit, one family. And yes, just like we have problems germinating in our houses, even this house has its own petty problems. These are situations that we keep on encountering in our daily life situations that common man deal with.”

This season will see Salman donning the twin role of angel and devil. For a man who has earned the infamous moniker of being an enfant terrible for his brash behavior, Salman feels he doesn’t really have an evil side. “I don’t have an evil side. I believe if I have done something for which I am responsible, I am man enough to come out and say I am sorry,” said Salman before adding that he has lost count of the number of times his quote and interviews have been tweaked by the press. “But that’s okay. It happens.”

The superstar did however say that he enjoyed his slightly devilish side more than his angelic one. “It’s a lot of fun being close to your devilish side and it’s also good for my friends who hang out with me,” said Salman with a naughty albeit handsome wink.

Though Salman today is a much calmer person than what he used to be, Bigg Boss 5 saw shades of the star’s much feared anger coming to fore when he lost his cool at Sky. When quizzed about that episode, Salman said “When Sky walked out while Sanju (Sanjay Dutt) was sitting there, I couldn’t take it. Sanju is like a brother. He is a very senior actor. How can you just walk out on your host? I was watching this show in Greece and was so pissed off and the anger lasted two weeks.” Salman also went on to explain how it becomes his duty to step in to diffuse potentially violent situations. ´“My mother also watches the show. She feels at times the contestants go overboard with their behavior. I get tweets and mails from fans asking why I don’t step in to diffuse the situation. That when I have to step in because this is also my show.”

With Bigg Boss 7 promising to be bigger in its grandeur and scale, all eyes and ears are now glued on to know the name of the contestants of the current season. And with a phenomenon called Salman Khan at the helm of affairs, we are sure this season too would prove to be a cracker of an event. Bigg Boss will be aired on Colors from September 15.

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